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DellCon Games Weekends 2018

Games in play

Kevin & Elizabeth (and family) have been playing modern boardgames for twenty+ years and have a collection of around 200. Following a lifestyle change in 2014 we now run a very large B&B. We've put these together to form the DellCons; small & friendly residential games weekends several times a year.

The dates for the 2018 Spring season are below.

DellConWeekendPriority Booking ends..
#18January 26th-28thN/A - Fully booked.
#19February 23rd-25thMidnight 3rd Feb
#20March 16th-18thN/A - Fully booked.

DellConEXTRABank Holiday WeekendPriority Booking ends..
#21 - Details here Friday 4th - Monday 7th MayMonday 6th April

There will be another season in the Autumn, probably starting in October.


The success of the first DellCon meant that we quickly decided to keep these 'little and often', keeping the numbers low such that we can share meals, become friends, and still have several gaming tables on the go.

The Booking Rules

Places are very limited. Those booking a full residential weekend have priority until the Priority Booking Deadline. Others can put their name down on the waiting list for a non-resident weekend and the lists are resolved after the deadline has passed.

It is no longer possible to book a single day or single night accommodation. Weekend tickets only. The weekends are becoming regularly oversubscribed and we are no longer prepared to disappoint weekend people because someone has blocked out a single day.

You cannot book a specific room. Instead, you book a Single, Double or Twin room. The best matching, appropriate, room will be allocated to the first person who booked, and so on in booking order.

The one exception to this process is that if, before the deadline, you book extra nights either side of DellCon you can cherry-pick which B&B room you want for the weekend, subject to availability.

Ticket Prices and What's Included

A ticket is £35 per person. (£40 for the extended DellConEXTRA). This covers everything except accommodation and breakfast.

Weekend Resident Weekend non-resident Friday night
7pm to 11pm
4 hours gaming.
Tea, coffee, etc.
Saturday 9am. Breakfast - cereal, juice, toast, fruit
10am to 11pm 11 hours gaming
Tea, coffee, etc. Home-made cake
Lunch - fresh warm home-made bread & cheeses, salad, etc.
Evening meal - pizza, side salad, pudding
Sunday 9am. Breakfast as above
10am to 4pm(ish) 6 hours gaming.
Tea, coffee, etc. Home-made cake
Lunch - fresh bread, quiche, salad, etc.
The Aftercon Some may gather at the Foley Arms...
£35 + room £35 Free

Accommodation Prices

Accommodation (which includes breakfast) prices are per-room not per-person.

Before the deadline you can only book a residential weekend i.e. a gaming ticket per person and two nights accommodation but you can put your name down on the waiting lists for non-residential places.

The maximum number of each room type is very limited.

Room Capacity Room per night
for 2 nights
Max. No.
Extra nights
Full B&B service, cooked breakfast, etc.
Bonus: Pick your DellCon room
One single bed
£55 3 £65 (Yellow room)
One double bed
£75 6 £95 (Red room)
£85 (Blue room)
Two Single beds
£75 3 £85 (Green room)

The discount from our usual rates reflects that there's no cooked breakfast and that the rooms won't be serviced over the weekend. The extra nights are charged at our standard discounted '3 Nights+' rate.


How do I book the weekend?

Email or phone us to check availability. To confirm a booking we require a non-refundable deposit of £50 per room or £35 per person (whichever is higher) please. The date the deposit is paid is the date used in the allocation of rooms. The remainder can be paid during the event. We can take cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer.

How do I get on the list for a Non-resident ticket?

It's simplest if you just email us. Payment will be due when we've confirmed your place.

Loose Ends

Please feel free to phone or email us if you've any questions.

There is a Facebook group for DellCon for chat and updates.

Our Terms and conditions, including the cancellation terms, apply to all attendees.

We reserve the right to bend rules where it seems right to do so.


What diets can you provide for?

Elizabeth is vegetarian and veggie/vegan breakfasts is one of our specialities. We're happy to prepare something gluten-free when others are having pizza for example. We can provide soya milk for dairy-free diets, etc. If your needs are a bit more specialist, just ask.

Diets we cannot provide for are specialities such as Halal and Kosher.

I'm new to all this (be that conventions or these games). Is that OK?

Absolutely. Something this small can seem a bit daunting if you're a bit wary, but you'll not be left out and will be gently guided into suitable games. We have a few 'regulars' each time but there's no clique here. We (and they) pride ourselves on the welcoming, relaxed and friendly nature of these weekends. To borrow a quote from a first-timer and relative newcomer to the hobby: "I enjoyed jumping in the deep end last weekend, and it was great to meet folk who could patiently teach me lots of games. Looking forward to the next time."